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This site is for people who want to make a difference by recycling reusing and respecting our planet!

Wheather you are worm composting for your potted plants or veggie garden you are reducing greenhouse gasses which result in global warming. By using a recycled plastic bin for your worms or reusing an old container you recycle and that's important! WE NEED TO RECYCLE!!!

Earthworms are probably the most beneficial of all living creatures when it comes to your garden soil. The amount of soil that is broken up and turned over by these hard-working little guys are incredible. The night crawler spend all of their time tunneling and burying themselves deep inside the soil. Doing so can help improve even the most sterile of subsoil.

In addition, whenever these little worms are traveling through your soil, they are constantly leaving behind waste products. These waste products are called "casts" and are extremely rich in fertilizer and additional microorganisms. Vermicast is what we are looking for? Rich in humus and microbial activity. Examples of these micro organisms include fungi, bacteria, molds, lichens, mycorrhizae, actinomycetes, and protozoa. They spend their time consuming waste products as well as prey upon each other. Warm and moist soil that is abundant with organic matter will contain large amounts of micro organism populations.

If we all kept a small worm farm at home we could prevent thousands of tons of organic waste going to the landfills (dump), and it doesn't have to be a big job

All I can say at the moment is that the notion of earthworms helping to reduce greenhouse gas is worth looking into.

We don't have big goals; we just want to be catalysts, to spread seed by seed a garden of solutions that make sense

Keep up the good work (Recycling) and remember the future depends on what we do in the present, so be the change u wish to see in the world! ***

Danie Pieterse :)

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