Welcome to the worm paradise

In Front: We have the wicking worm beds, one of my newest experiments with worms and veggies in raised beds. Brand new just planted some veggies. Wicking beds are designed for dry conditions were there is low rainfall like were I live in sunny Mossel Bay; South Africa

At the far back: We have the Worm Towers were I feed them in the tower and they excrete there poop all around in the ground for my homegrown to thrive on.

more on wicking worm beds :-)

More info on Wicking beds More info on Wicking beds
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Type : unknown

Happy peppers next to a worm tower :-)

Plants seem to love goodness of the worm castings (worm poop) around in the worm tower 

Just connected my new 2500l rain water tank

My two 210 litre recycled composters work like a bomb, just a turn or two every morning, no more back problems from turning compost every second day  :)

Mom's new recycled veggie garden on top and below is my new way of planting patatoes

Potatoes in a bag 

Last seasons seedlings 

Ben could not belive his eyes!!! 

Seasons Homegrown 

Cherry tomatoes is loving the worms 

Pepperdew Harvest 

Nature's own worm tea brewing the Microbes ;-)

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