Worm info

Does it Smell?

A worm bin will never smell as long as it is not overloaded. Food waste needs to be systematically covered and managed in a way that is easy for the worms to migrate from zone to zone. 

How many Worms do I need?

We recommend that an average couple start with no less than 1kg of worms. Depending on worm age, this represents between 500-1000 worms/500g. Add an additional 500g of worms for each household member. You also may find it easier to get a second worm bin going for medium to large households so you don’t overload one single bin.

Will Worms Try to Escape?

Worms will only try to escape if bedding turns sour, meaning the pH is out of balance. Worms being the peaceful souls they are like a pH neutral bedding material. An ideal worm bedding material is compost and shredded news paper mixed together; you can also ad some cardboard boxes to the mix. 

Worms are programmed to crawl upwards when they feel vibration. Worms drown and come out of the ground when they feel the vibration of rain drops on the ground. Place your worm bin in a location where there is minimum vibration. Away from refrigerators, speakers and vibrating appliances.

Recycled Plastic bins

Plastic bins work great. And though, yes, it is plastic, it is a good use of the material; especially if it is made from recycled plastic. They are the most cost effective system available for individuals, schools or entire communities. Let us know your needs?

What’s so great about worm castings?

Nothing, unless you are a plant! Worm castings (worm poop) are rich in microbial organisms and loaded with water soluble enzymes that plants love. Castings promote seed germination and healthy, rapid root development.

How long do red worms live?

Red worms can live for about 2 years. Under normal conditions your worms will reproduce regularly and make little yellow cocoons which contain 3-5 baby worms. They hatch out in about 21 days and then require about 2-3 months to reach maturity. With proper care your worm populations will double every 90-120 days. 

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